Be bold, brave, energetic, happy, free, silly, original and be your true self in order to create your dream life with a balance between your professional succes and your personal energy, vitality and happiness!

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My mission

My mission is to show others that they can be empowered by their own inner strength and perseverance and by following their own feelings, thereby achieving what they want. Watching life from the beaten track as is expected of you is fine but is that really what you want? You can only create a vital, balanced, and energetic life with perseverance and power; you will have to make choices, say no (even if you think everything is fun) and, most of all, follow your instinct. I can help you make these steps easier for you. After all, it is wonderful to have your life give you lots of energy, to have your work and private life be in balance and to feel empowered.

I enjoy life every day! Every day, I strive to make the people around me feel happy, powerful, and energetic. To me, it does not matter whether those people are my loved ones, my friends or the powerful women that are my clients.

Due to major setbacks and difficult times as well as all the peaks, I have learned to live and appreciate life to the fullest extent in a grand and courageous way. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

You are able to create and live this dream life of balance, energy, and joy. Whether you are part of the demanding corporate world or you own a business, I know that I can help you get to where you want to be and I know that you can do it!

Do you want the energetic and balanced dream life? Do you want to feel empowered and enjoy yourself every day, like me? Do you want to feel as if this is possible for the rest of your life too? Work with me and I will show you how!

Love from my clients

I have followed a masterclass by Ilse. My days are always busy, but it didn’t feel productive. My to-do list never ended. And besides, I was very tired. On a fun and practical way Ilse gives me advise and tips &tricks. She learned me how to change my mindset. For example, now I’m able to say no. And Ilse’s tip about smileymoments in my agenda, that’s a real eye opener. And now I have at the end of the day enough energy to go out with friends ?

Mira van Maaren – Traffic & Production Manager Jaarbeurs

I got to know Ilse in several ways. First as als collegue in a large commercial company. Then as a coach and friend. In all roles Ilse is truly authentic, open, inspiring and positive. As a coach she lets you think how to improve yourself in a positive way.

Tiny Tati – Copy Editor Food & Horeca Reed Business

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